Loni MacMaster, Reiki Master

*I am available by appointment only. My weekly schedule varies, so please call or text at 207.592.0366 and we can connect to find a time that works.

Hello, I’m Loni. I’ve been practicing energy medicine since 2018, initially prompted by a profound realization that there’s more to life than I’d been experiencing. This journey of self-healing led me to explore various healing modalities and techniques, drawing from teachings around the world.

Studying under multiple mentors and immersing myself in diverse healing traditions, including Chinese medicine, sacred geometry, plant medicine, and Shamanism, has deeply influenced my approach to energy healing. Through years of research and travel, I’ve nurtured my understanding of holistic wellness and honed my intuitive abilities.

As a certified Reiki master and trained in multiple schools of energy medicine, I’ve developed a personalized modality that blends various techniques to support clients on their healing journeys. I believe I am assisting you to do the healing… I am not the one “giving a healing” .. simply a conduit for you to receive the gifts you may not have been able to translate to heal yourself. We all have this gift and we all use it every day to assist friends and show love to family when they are in need. I allow for this energy of love to pass through me to raise your vibration, just as a friend would make you feel better by holding space for you in time of need!

I tailor each session to your unique needs, whether it involves hands-on energy work or heartfelt conversations to process emotions and clear energy blocks. My utmost goal is to empower you to take ownership of your healing and discover your true potential.

During sessions, I often sense shifts in emotions and energy, and receive intuitive insights about your energy field. Witnessing these transformations and witnessing you reconnect with their inner essence fills me with immense joy and fulfillment.

Ultimately, my mission is to help you reconnect with your inherent wholeness and equip you with the tools to release what no longer serves you. I want you to leave our sessions feeling empowered and confident in your ability to create positive change in your life. Please call or text me to schedule your healing session.