Welcome to ROOT 108 beauty & wellness, where holistic rejuvenation meets transformative beauty.

Step into our sanctuary and embark on a journey of self-discovery, balance, and inner glow. Explore our range of services designed to nurture your mind, body, and spirit, and experience the essence of well-being like never before.

Begin your journey with us today and discover the radiant beauty that lies within.

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Why Choose Us?

Because we believe in the power of diversity and authenticity to transform your beauty and wellness journey into a truly personalized experience.

Diversity is at the heart of everything we do. Our team of skilled practitioners boasts a wide range of specialties, ensuring that you receive the tailored care you deserve. Whether you’re looking for expert hair creations, exquisite natural nails, rejuvenating skincare treatments, or invigorating massages, we have the expertise to meet your unique needs.

But our offerings don’t stop there. ROOT 108 also proudly presents reiki services, harnessing the ancient healing energy to promote balance and harmony within your body and spirit. Whether you’re seeking physical rejuvenation, emotional healing, or simply a moment of serenity, our dedicated practitioner is here to guide you on your path to wellness.

At ROOT 108 beauty & wellness, we don’t just offer services—we offer a sanctuary where you can embrace your true self and begin on a path of self-awareness and empowerment. Come join us and experience the transformative power of authenticity in beauty and wellness.